PerformancePoint Services not configured properly – common issue

After installing Sharepoint Server 2010, in some cases you can get error, which says that PerformancePoint Services was not configured properly.
There could be many reasons of this error, but the most common of them would be that, you haven’t configured Secure Store Service (SSS).
For example, error message can occur while creating new PPS data sources in Dashboard Designer or migrating PPS 2007 dashboards to new 2010 platform.
Below you can see error message from Dashboard Designer when attempting to connect to the SSAS cube:


To resolve this issue you have to set unattended service account for PerformancePoint Services, which is a shared domain account used for accessing PerformancePoint Services data sources.
You can set this account in Central Administration –> Manage Service Applications –>PerformancePoint Service Application.
Select link PerformancePoint Service Application Settings and set user name and password for Unattended Service Account (showed below). Then click OK.


At this moment the second error may occur:

The Unattended Service Account cannot be set for the service application. The Secure Store Service key might not have been generated or properly refreshed after the service was provisioned.
Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Correlation ID: 6d32c32a-44dc-4b39-9f5e-65f6d10e1746
Date and Time: 6/1/2010 5:03:58 AM


PerformancePoint Services uses the Secure Store Service to store password for Unattended Service Account.
Before using the Unattended Service Account you need to make sure that Secure Store Service is running and has generated encryption key.
To configure your Secure Store Service go to the Central Administration –> Manage Service Applications –>Secure Store Service.
Click Generate New Key on the ribbon, if you don’t have any generated keys.


Now type you password and click OK.


Once you generated new key, you can go back to PerformancePoint Services configuration and set your Unattended Service Account (which was described above).
After setting Unattended Service Account, you can return back to your Dashboard Designer and try to create the new Data Connection. This time your Unattended Account will be used and you will see the content (of course you also need to set required access permissions in your database).

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