The PPS Monitor & Analyze UDF Project (MAUDF)

      Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 M&A stores all objects in it’s metadata database (named PPSMonitoring in default configuration). Many of these objects are stored in SerializedXML column of the FCObjects table. So, it is very inconvenient to retrieve and search objects with criteria based od particular attributes (XPath / XQuery expressions would be necessary to perform the search).
But fortunately Nick Barclay has created great solution, which makes these operations much easier and straightforward.
This solution is called The PPS Monitor & Analyze UDF Project (MAUDF) and it is the project which delivers a set of useful views and UDF functions, which allow to access and retrieve metadata from PPSMonitoring database with using simple T-SQL queries.
Great idea and very useful tool, specially for creating advanced and customized reports using other technology (like scorecards in Reporting Services based od metadata read directly from PPSMonitoring database).
Here is a sample query how we can use it.
FROM MAUDF.ElementMetadata()
WHERE DisplayFolder = ‘Sale Results’
ORDER BY ElementType
This simple query returns metadata for all objects with a display folder of "Sale Results".
Very short and easy, don’t you think ?
More details about this project you can find on Nick Barclay’s Blog.
The MAUDF setup instructions, source code, binaries, samples and documentation can be downloaded from MAUDF Codeplex project.
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